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About Brands, Products & Events ... 2020/2019

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February 2020
JERN Cast Iron Loudspeaker
Daluso is JERN distributor for The Netherlands, Belgium (Flanders) and Luxembourg.


Interesting Dutch JERN 12 WS review on Unique Radio website:

October 2019
Trilogy Audio Systems
Daluso is Trilogy’s distributor for The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria.

View some product brochures:

October 2019
ISOL-8 Power Condition
Daluso is ISOL-8’s distributor for The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria.

ViV Labs Tone Arms

July 2019
ViV Labs
Rigid Float tone arms and turntable tools are now available on The Netherlands and Belgium market.

September 2019
Harmonix RF-808Z Million
The successor of the famous TU-666M is available.

June 2019
Harmonix RFA-7800
Interesting review on Fairaudio.de about Harmonix Room Tuning.
☞ Read HERE

(July 2019)
Harmonix TU-812MX
Review in German Image HiFi edition 4/2019.
Quote Chief Editor Uwe Kirbach:
“This record clamp is the missing link in a good analog system”.
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May 2019
Harmonix TU-800MM/MW
Received German Image Hifi Award 2019.
Quote Chief Editor Uwe Kirbach:
“Best performing record mattes I’ve heard in 40 years”.

ODEON Audio 28 SE

July 2019
ODEON Audio spherical horn loudspeakers soon available in The Netherlands and Belgium.
An exceptional involving music experience.