Hijiri Program 2022-2023

聖Hijiri Tuning Cables

聖HIJIRI, a Japanese expression for ‘The Maestro’ or ‘Strong Leader’, gives an exceptional contribution in sound quality.
Harmonix Tuning cables had strong reputation based on Golden Performance interconnect cables, Sophisticated Listener’s Choice and Exquisite speaker cables, and StudioMaster power cords. The X-DC SM-MR ‘Million’ power cord, acknowledged as a world reference, became the design reference for COMBAK’s new 聖HIJIRI brand cables.

聖HIJIRI design philosophy is to restore and optimize all acoustic and hearing abilities for listening and experiencing music by …

… optimizing current and signal flow, tuning resonances, and eliminating electromagnetic and RF interferences up to almost 100%. It took 5 years developing a complete new COMBAK cable program 聖HIJIRI ‘Million’ Series and High Cost to Performance Series, aiming at perfect tonal balance, sound stage imaging, dynamic musical and emotional impact. 聖HIJIRI … conducting all beautiful ‘Pieces of Art’ in their true meaning of creation.

Synergistically supported by Harmonix Tuning Devices, 聖HIJIRI will present your music in its true nature.


Hijiri ‘TAKUMI’ Netzkabel | Dirk Sommer: “Das große TAKUMI überzeugt schon nach wenigen Takten so sehr, dass man es nicht mehr hergeben möchte. Ein wenig realistischer – mit Blick auf den Preis – formuliert: ein Traumkabel!”. | ©2017 Hifistatement

Hijiri ‘Nagomi’ Netzkabel | Dirk Sommer: “Die Verbesserung ist enorm: Der Raum wirkt breiter und deutlich tiefer, Dynamik, Klangfarben und Schnelligkeit legen noch einmal in gutes Stück zu. Wirklich beeindruckend!”. | ©2016 Hifistatement

Harmonix X-DC Million Netzkabel | Uwe Kirbach: “Kazuo Kiuchis X-DC SM Million Netzkabel bewirkt fast unglaubliches”. | ©2014 image hifi