You will be totally amazed, maybe floored, by how music really sounds at its best in your listening room.

Harmonix Tuning Devices

Searching the ‘Holy Grail’ of Hifidelity?
You almost missed it!
Harmonix resonance tuning is by far the leading tuning technology to reach the best sound in all sound systems.

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Hijiri Tuning Cables

Hijiri cables designes are a symbioses of very profound material, resonance tuning and shielding technologies, and current and signal flow optimisation. It took 5 years in developing these ‘Masterpieces’.

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Vortex HiFi Bio-Energetic Devices

Do not underestimate, neither ignore te big influences of all kinds of electromagnetic radiation (alike electrosmog) on our hearing capabilities. It changes the sound perception of music, and the audible impact is quite big.

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